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Whether it is person at my Westgate clinic, or over Skype, lets sit down, chat and come up with a plan to get you performing to your best health outcome.

Specialty areas are women's health, stress and children's health



Testing is the most effective way to come up with your specialised treatment.  Whether it is hormone testing, Genetic testing, stool testing or simply blood testing you will fast track your results  with a targeted approach to your healthcare plan.




plant medicine

Plant medicine whether in the form of nutritional or herbal supplements, liquid herbal medicine, or herbal teas or essential oils help to assist the body to correct the pathways that are not working optimally to achieve results with the issue without causing any side effects. By allowing the body to work at its optimal the healing process is then accelerated. Supplements and herbal medicines are prescribed by me to get you the best quality practitioner only products ensuring quality and results, and essential oils can also be prescribed for specific care or for your choice and ability to purchase wholesale click here.